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David S. Capelli
Certified Forensic Examiner

David has over twenty years of work in the technical industry. David holds four technical forensic certifications, is a certified forensic consultant, has conducted countless examinations, written numerous articles and conducted CLE seminars on computer forensics & e-discovery. Click here to learn more about David and his extensive background in computer forensics.

Why use a certified examiner?
  • Fully trained in the computer forensic field in order to perform the highest level of computer forensic services. 
  • Certified examiners adhere to strict ethical and professional standards set forth by the forensic industry.
  • Assures that all clients will receive the highest level of sound forensic services.

What risks do I run if I hire a non-certified individual to perform my computer forensic work? 
  • Not trained or fully prepared to take advantage of all the high-level forensic techniques required to complete a forensic examination.
  • Typically do not understand preservation of the evidence.
  • Can compromise the integrity of the original evidence.
  • Run the danger of having the examiner utilize software & hardware that has not been evaluated and accepted by the forensic industry.
  • Run the risk of conducting an examination process that has not been accepted by the courts – which can leave you and your client in a very vulnerable position.