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Data Recovery

Ever go to your computer or external device and not be able to access your files? Ever inadvertently delete files from your system? Without adequate backup sources, you might not have any alternative to accessing your files. However, utilizing advanced data recovery techniques, we can perform data recovery processes that have the ability to recover your files.

While there can be some similar recovery tools utilized in both computer forensics and data recovery, computer forensics is the collection, preservation, analysis and court presentation of computer and computer-related evidence. Data recovery does not involve a criminal, civil or domestic legal matter.

In this we have the ability to retrieve data files from all types of electronic media, that are in the following format:

  • Deleted
  • Formatted over
  • Corrupt
  • Inaccessible

Using our advanced tools, your critical files that need to be recovered can be restored to their original state.  Whichever the circumstance, Placido Verna can analyze your media and in most cases, recover your critical data and files. In some instances data can not be recovered. By example, when the "read/write" heads within a drive crash and cut into the magnetic storage media to the point where data is destroyed. Many commercial available software applications might not be able to read such a drive and can in fact cause further damage. Although, when all software applications fail, the final option might be what is known as a "clean room." These are specialty hardware labs which physically open the media and place the storage components in an exact model of the failed device. This process can only take place by trained technicians whose labs have met the strict standards of a lean room facility.

If we are unable to access your media, there will be no charge for our time. Further, if this is the case we can recommend further measures you can take in order to potentially have your media accessed - such as clean room operations if necessary.

Lastly, there are simple measures an end-user can take to minimize the chance of loosing data. This includes the following:

  • Avoid heat and vibration for your electronic devices
  • Back-up your data to another source
  • Run scandisk and disk defrag frequently
  • Utilize updated anti-virus, malware and spyware programs
  • Utilize uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units on all your computers
  • Be cautious when using recovery utilities (validate)

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